June 2007


The title refers to the ideal of image as something that we pursue.
We are, all of us, interested in stories, and we are interested in how things look.

My favorite visual situations are mostly from television. Also, I am interested in images that I perceive as Japanese, specifically Japanese packaging and its influence on American marketing, as I experience it.

The phrase “Chasing the Rabbit” is maybe some kind of linguistic Rorschach test suggesting many possibilities; for instance: Future, Alice (drugs), but especially Revolution.

Image drives us into the future…and as we chase down the best image experience possible, we are lulled into buying everything from talking soap bubbles, to war in Iraq, Afghanistan (and Iran). Television deconstructs images and the ideas behind them in fantastically beautiful and ruthlessly Machiavellian fashion.

I think of these paintings as abstracted TV images, frame by frame. There is no one-to-one correspondence with any particular image. It is more that the paintings are associated with this ideal image space, although the exact nature of this association remains unclear.