female fyi-

February 2002

paintings by Marion Lane

By Rita Boyadjian    

Los Angeles based artist, Marion Lane will have her third solo exhibition this month at Patricia Correia Gallery. Marion Lane's new paintings invoke a sense of liveliness, at once innocent and lavish. Modest in scale, these works are relentless explorations in movement and color, paint vaulting in every direction, shapes   somersaulting into an endless void of continuing space. These works demonstrate a fluidity of line, and a passionate interest in materials, plasticity and color. These paintings are infused with delicacy, and a light, airy palette, and celebrate Lane's quirky sensibility.


Lane crafts her paintings through an intensely detailed process, employing multiple layers whereby traditional brushwork is abandoned for a more natural liquidity of surface. The paintings demonstrate a carefully layered and buffed pearlescence. These "jellied" surfaces showcase Lane's quixotic gestural techniques, the colors and shapes function as protagonists, each its own character in a rich and complicated scenario, sometimes impertinent and wild, paint squeezed, smeared, twisted and torqued into rapturous shapes. These images mimic their own opulence; Images are bound and webbed together creating strange and luminous juxtapositions. Also at work here is a kind of divine numinism, a peculiar logic, an attention to the sublime, odd moment.


Marion Lane's exhibition at Patricia Correia Gallery is open now and through, March 2, 2002. Gallery Hours: Tues- Fri 10am - 6pm, and Saturday 11am - 6pm. Sunday-Monday closed. Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Bldg. E-2, Santa Monica, (310) 264-1760 or visit www.correiagailery.com.