March 2002
Vol 21, No.7, p17
By Mat Gleason

Painter Marion Lane has dazzled with built-up surfaces and a wild array of colors and paint-application techniques. From psychedelic kitsch to lush synthetic abstract cheesecake, her paintings have something for everyone--a rarity in abstraction. What is surprising in the current show is its reserved maturity. Using the large number of techniques for the mixture and application of paint that she has acquired in her years of experimenting/exhibiting, Lane now draws out painted forms with painting experiments serving as areas of concern rather than entire subjects. The results are less orgiastic but more refined than in previous work. This group of paintings are uniform in size and background color, and each features organic shapes comprised of signature candy-color blobbed and spackled paint mixtures. They are a passionate monogamy of painterly
.discipline that pleases with lessons learned from a recent past of furious and beautiful indiscretions. Marion Lane, The Butterfly Effect, acrylic on panel, 24 x 24”, 2002”